About the Firm

Law Done Differently

K. Joseph Hill has spent a career at the top of his profession. From serving as a judge, to working as an Assistant Attorney General, to working in private firms, Joe has developed a rich background of legal experience. When he moved from public service back into civil law, Joe worked at firms in the fanciest buildings in the heart of downtown. The offices were beautiful, but in the push to bill hours, something was missing: a focus on serving people. Joe knew there was a way to bring the value of service that was so important in his governmental appointments to private practice. So he ditched the glitter of downtown and came back home to Ahwatukee to set up a firm run his way, one where neighbors come before bottom lines. Serving the Phoenix area and Pinal County, the Law Office of K. Joseph Hill practices in the areas of estate planning, probate, contracts, real estate (including landlord/tenant relations), business formation and operations, commercial transactions, and child support. We are committed to doing law differently. We're tough where we need to be, but we're down to earth with our clients.



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